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We love the radio business. Since 1966, Brett Miller has worked in radio, tv, or cableTV and as far as he is concerned, radio rocks, gives advertisers the best bang for their buck, and small owner/operators are the heart of the business. Radio allows you to do things for your community like no other business.

On more than one occasion we’ve pontificated as to how RADIO is going to lead MAIN STREET out of the economic downturn.  Consider this:  main street business owners have done everything they could to stay alive; cut personnel, cut expenses, put in longer hours.  After that cutting back, if they are still in business, what next?  What next is increased sales.  How do they do that?  Through advertising.  And where do you get the best advertising bank for the buck?  Radio, of course.

Rosie Miller is the Human Resources expert.  How many times have you heard the notion that H.R. is just a waste of money?  H.R. doesn’t generate revenue, doesn’t do sales, doesn’t increase ratings?  Has it ever occured to you what it could cost you to lose a wrongful termination case or perhaps a sexual harassment suit?  Then figure what the value of H.R. truly is.

Every now and then something comes along that causes a rant, a strong opinion, or maybe an insightful moment; and we just have to sound off…for what it’s worth.

Additionally, you might consider this a Facebook and Twitter pushback. Those are great social networks and we certainly can’t deny their impact. But something about them just doesn’t seem right in terms of business-like discourse, so we’ve chosen to turn to the blogosphere to see if it works a little better.

Brett, Rosie, and Sean Miller
MCH Enterprises, Inc.

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